Welcome to my geeky indulgance!

Ok, soooooo why do I need another site when my portfolio site is already up and running and has it’s own blog?

Well I like making new blogs, ok?

Actually I decided that I need a separate space just for my nerdy/geeky fangirling, finds and activities.  My portfolio site is more for my actual art (not all of which is geek related).  So that explains it, lol.  Though you will probably see a lot of cross blogging going on.  If I actually manage to keep this blog going I’ll probably put it in it’s own domain eventually (or at least a subdomain of my portfolio).   I’m also planning on making separate sites/blogs for my Harvest Moon game obsession (I’m working on a guide for the SNES game) and possibly my cosplay as well so will have to see how that works out.

I haven’t done much to customize this theme (it’s Mystique if you want to know) and with the limited coding options wordpress.com offers I probably won’t be able to do much (gahhhh please just let me have the CSS file!).  Btw this isn’t the original background that came with the theme though it’s very similar and was inspired by it – I made up a quick image in gimp to replace it because I wanted it bigger.  I like the kind of techy-artsy look it gives.  I also added up a quickly drawn (AKA poorly done) chibi-style princess Leia to the header.  No, that isn’t because this blog is about Princess Leia, though I must say I do love her character, but simply because I think it represents this blog pretty well.  Femine and geeky, lol.

I must say this is a very nice little theme, and it has some nifty built in widgets though whether or not I’ll use them is still to be decided, lol. Hopefully I’ll soon have this looking and feeling exactly how I want!


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  1. This blog looks lovely. I’m sure I’ll follow it religiously.

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