So I changed the background, same design but on white instead of black, I think it looks better and more feminine this way.  However now the Leia chibi looks pretty bad (worse than before) and I need to draw a new one.  Not on the back of an index card with a red pen this time, lol.  I need to actually get out my good drawing supplies.  I may possibly even color it!  But seeing as my tablet skills are pretty lame I may just go with my quick-and-easy gimp touch up instead.  All said and done, there isn’t much more I can do to customize the blog.

Why doesn’t let you use the CSS files without paying? T_T

But thankfully you can edit all you want if you download the blog files from (of course then you have to host them yourself but hey, nothing is apparently free).   And what’s more is there is this wonderfully easy to edit theme called Toolbox that is a CSS designer’s dream!  I’ve been working with that for my portfolio site blog and it’s great.  Of course working with someone else’s CSS file is always a bit challenging for my OCD, but once I’ve reorganized it properly it’s not so bad :)  I may make up a guide to customizing the Toolbox theme in a little bit.   My PHP skills are just good enough that I can possibly start doing custom widgets, but for the moment I’m happy to just stick to messing with the CSS.


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