All about Morning Musume

As someone raised in the US, it seems to me that Japanese pop bands are more similar to our sports teams than our own pop bands.  After all, it’s not very common for an American band to have twelve constantly changing members and hold auditions for new members each year.  But that’s how it’s commonly done Japan, though technically they aren’t just bands of singers, but ‘idols’, who are expected to sing, dance, act and basically entertain.

After finding the videos from the other day of Morning Musume performing Cinderella I went on youtube and Wikipedia to find out some more about them.  They’re a very cute group, focusing on mostly bubbly, upbeat dance songs.  They started out back in 1998, and are currently on their 10th generation of singers.  When they first started out they consisted of only 5 girls, today there are 12 girls in the group.

The music video for their first ever single:

The music video for one of their newest singles:

There’s quite a bit of difference between the two videos, but then, they were made practically 14 years apart.


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