A Geeky Girl’s Valentine’s Message

(Dedicated to my very special someone <3)

In honor of Valentines day I’ve compiled some of my favorite movie/TV/game couples and the things I think every geek wants their lover to know.

Han and Leia, "Star Wars"

1.  Together we can save the galaxy.  And if you’re ever captured by bounty hunters, I’ll do what ever I can to save you, even if I risk being forced to be a giant slug’s metal-bikini wearing slave girl.

Buttercup and Wesley, "The Princess Bride"

2: I will love you forever and ever, and I will never give you up.  If, by chance, I am forced to marry a slim-ball prince, I will consider suicide but as I’d really prefer a happy ending you better come back from the dead real quick.

Inuyasha and Kagome, "Inuyasha"

3: No matter how much we fight, I want to always make up.  And if you dare to ever so much as even flirt with another girl…well, I have my ways.

Howl and Sophie, "Howl's Moving Castle"

4: You make me brave.  No amount of curses, monsters, witches or legions of mud-soldiers could stop me from loving you.

Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy, "BBC's Pride and Prejudice"

5: I can’t stop myself from loving you.  We were meant to be together, no matter what.  Of course, the fact you’re good looking and potentially rich kinda helps ;)

Link and Zelda, "The Legend of Zelda"

6: You’re always my hero <3


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