What’s YOUR game?

If you’ve ever spent any time playing any kind of video game, be it on console, hand held or PC, more likely than not you know what type you like.  You also probably have your ‘signature’ game.  Maybe it’s the first game you played, the series you’ve been addicted to for years or maybe it’s the only game you’ve ever played.  It’s my belief that you can tell a lot about a person by what ‘their’ game is. Check out the genre that ‘your’ game falls into below to see your personality type! (note this is just for fun, lol)

RPG: You’re the classic gamer type, with a wide variety of gaming interests. You like to immerse yourself in the world of the video game, and to you it’s not just a game, but a vital part of life like breathing, eating and sleeping. When you play a game (or do anything else in life) you like to fully experience it, and take your time.  You are patient and don’t mind spending hours, weeks or months doing something, but at the same time no one should expect you to rush through anything. You’re the most likely of all the types to be a major fanboy/girl, replicating video game items, cosplaying, reading/writing fanfiction, ect.

RACING: You’re impatient and prefer your entertainment quick and to the point.  You can be aggressive and competitive, and aren’t always a good loser.  You may tend to lose focus easily.  You’re a get-up-and-go type person, always on the move and doing something.  You’re good at starting projects and coming up with ideas and thinking quickly.  You see video games as a great source of entertainment but wouldn’t call yourself a crazy fan…until you’re in the middle of a race, and then suddenly winning that race is the most important thing you’ll ever do in your life.

SHOOTERS: You like teamwork, strategy, the thrilling rush of the fight and the ultimate satisfying win.  You are probably less emotional than most, tending to be cool headed and logical. However you’re also the most likely to have a tantrum if you lose, because you invest so much effort into playing. Every time you play your game, you hear Eye of the Tiger playing in the background. You’re the leader type, preferring to be in charge in games and in life. To you video games are an escape and a release.

SIM: You have OCD, so accept it. You probably like to micromanage as well.  You’re the creative type and love to make things.  To you, a video game is a challenge and a way to express yourself.  You love to strategize and plan, and beating your own best is the ultimate victory for you. Next to the RPG player, you’re the pickiest of the bunch and once you find something you like, you tend to stick with it, whether it’s a single game or a series.  You’re also one of the most obsessive players, and can spend hours playing a game, trying to get everything just right.

PLATFORMERS: You like it old school.  You’re probably a more optimistic person than most, and enjoy a variety in your games, but without the obsessive intensity sim and shooter games bring. You’re a good multitasker and are resilient to failure.  Picking yourself up after you fail is one of your talents. You enjoy puzzles and thinking out (or around) the box.  Next to the sim player you’re the most likely to be obsessive about collecting all the coins, points or jewels in a game. Your gaming intensity may vary but you generally enjoy a good round of playing.  You see video games as a mind-engaging, refreshing way to pass the time.

Now, let’s look at my family, for example:

My BF: Legend of Zelda: RPG player all the way, as classic an example of a gamer as you can get.

Mom: Mario Kart: Racing, only thing she will play.  She is not a good loser, lol!

Dad: Call of Duty: Shooter.  I think he enjoys them a little too much, actually…

Sis: Knights of the Old Republic: RPG. Unless the game is epic in story and game play, she won’t play it.


Brother 2: Call of Duty: Shooter, and just like my dad he likes it too much.  He shows no mercy.

Me: Harvest Moon:  Sim.  I have control issues and planting my tomatoes in perfectly straight rows makes me happy :)


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