Jogging through the forests of Endor (okay, well, the local park)

I live near a lovely state park, called by locals as the Hammock.  This swampy, lush park is part of the ‘old Florida’ and was constructed way back in the 1930s.  There are plenty of nature walks and trails, and a bunch of great boardwalks leading over the swampy areas.  The park has a main ‘loop’ road that winds throughout and is about 3 miles long.  My mom and I are currently walking/jogging it in the mornings as we train for a 10 mile marathon this September.

But of course, the best thing about this park? It looks like the planet Endor!  Thick, lush, green, with huge cypress trees (okay, I know the trees on Endor were redwoods, but it’s close) I think of Star Wars and Ewoks every time I go there.  Unfortunately I usually only see squirrels or fat armadillos begging for handouts instead of little teddy-bear warriors.  One of these days I’ll have to  go jogging in a cosplay of Princess Leia’s Endor outfit, complete with crown braid and poncho! THAT would be a fantastic photo opt ;)

Don't tell me this doesn't look like Endor! Okay, so maybe a little more tropical-looking. (



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  1. That’s a great pic! Any use of star wars nerdology resonates with me and gets 2 thumbs up! I love the humor in this post as well!

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