Random things that I think are amazing and make me happy :)

Just a random list of things I think are the best – in random order :D

The soundtrack to Harvest Moon: Back to Nature.  My favorite HM game (actually, my absolute favorite game of ALL TIME), hearing the sound track makes me absolutely fuzzy with happiness.

Han and Leia’s first kiss. I think Star Wars was my first real introduction to romance, and as such it has stuck with me over the years. Plus, Harrison Ford was just hot, and I’m not the type to fangirl over actors, lol.

The smell when you walk into a bookstore.  Do I need to explain this?

Finding a copy of an old game or book you loved from your childhood.  I found a new Zoo Tycoon Ultimate pack for like $5.  Does it get better?

Going to Disney World. I’m lucky to live in Florida and Disney World has been part of my life since childhood – and it’s still a magical place to go, only now I’m old enough to appreciate the hard work and dedication it takes to make that tiny corner of the world truly magical.

Thinking you just deleted your game file but finding out by some miracle you still have it.  I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s done this!

That moment when you add the chocolate chips to the cookie dough and it transforms from just cookie dough into epicness.
You know it’s true!  Adding the chips gives the dough like, 50+ magic points.

Solving a coding problem that I’ve been struggling with for days.  My family is used to hearing a sudden “YES!!” from my desk when I solve such problems, and the bouncing-in-desk-chair victory dance that ensues.

Finishing a really large crochet project.  I was crocheting before it was cool ;)

Settling down to play Harvest Moon with a cup of decaf no-sugar-cream-only coffee after a long day at work.  I have one of those jobs where I’m up and down and moving pretty much all day (plus I walk/jog six miles most mornings) so finally sitting on the couch to feed my virtual cows is bliss.

A multiplayer round of COD or Age of Empires with my family. Another family tradition that usually involves us making a dessert before hand to eat while we play (brownies topped with ice cream is a popular choice).

The soundtrack to Mickey’s Speedway USA for N64.  My siblings and I got our first video game console (an aqua blue Nintendo 64) for Christmas in 2000, and Santa had set it up so that when we came down the stairs the intro to Mickey’s Speedway USA was playing on the TV screen, with that catchy theme song flooding the house (and driving us crazy with curiosity as we waited at the top of the stairs for permission to come down and see our gifts).



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