How to quickly fix a Nintendo 64 AV cable with a bad connection

I am waist deep in Harvest Moon N64, having recently just started my first winter.  However my N64 is old and cranky and since I dragged it out of the dark comfort of it’s storage box, it’s been throwing a fit whenever I move it around too much.  The problem is with the AV cable connecting to the console – the connection is shaky because of the old cable and unless the cable is wiggled just right, I don’t get any video or audio on the screen.  First couple of times it went out on me I was able to patiently sit by it, slowly wiggling the cable until the connection was finally made.  But day before yesterday I did a good cleaning of the TV stand (you know, the annual dust bunny hunt) and moved the N64.  The cable lost it’s delicate connection and no matter how much I tried, I couldn’t get it to reconnect.

Enter my ever resourceful dad, who happened to see me trying to get the cable to work.  After I explained the problem, he went to the bathroom, grabbed the can of Vaseline and – after assuring me it wouldn’t hurt my console or cause it to rust – smeared a bit on the inside of the AV cable head (the part that plugs into the N64).  He plugged it back in, turned it on and voila!  The screen was alive with the wonderful sight and sound of Harvest Moon!  And I have yet to have any problems with it.

If you’re wondering how that fixed the problem, the Vaseline acts like an extender to the plug, letting the…prongs…wires, whatever you would call them, connect properly once more.  My dad has assured me it won’t bother my N64 though I’m sure it will probably collect dirt eventually and be hard if not impossible to clean.  But as a quick fix instead of having to hunt down a new cable online, it’s a good solution that seems to be working well.


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  1. Very interesting! I noticed that you posted this in May. Has this fix been holding up well? I never would have imagined such a technique. :)

  2. This trick just SAVED my N64. I spent so many dollars getting this plus Mario Kart and four controllers for Thanksgiving with friends and wouldn’t you know, it wouldn’t start tonight. I ran out and bought Vaseline thanks to you. My boyfriend thought I was crazy, but who has the gold in special cup 150 now, bitch?

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