Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

So the other day I downloaded OoT on the Wii’s Virtual Console and last night started playing.  This isn’t the first Zelda game I’ve played; I’ve played some of The Phantom Hourglass and also watched my brothers playing The Twilight Princess.  However, I’m going to count this as the first real Zelda game I’ve played (because it’s a console game and it’s the oldest Zelda game I’ve tried) ((Okay so hand held games do count but not as much)).

First off, I love the old school retro gaming feel.  I’m very partial to N64 games, everything from the soundtracks to the chunkier graphics.  OoT reminds me of some of my favorite N64 games such as Donkey Kong and Banjo & Tooie, but unlike those games, OoT is much more of an RPG.  It’s also more complex compared to the more cartoony games I’m used to with the N64.  I’m not much of the typical Dungeons and Dragons RPG player (more for lack of opportunity than desire) so I’m not really used to playing games where you continuously switch between different weapons and fighting strategies.  Only an hour into the game and I’ve already acquired 5 different types of weapons.  Also the colorings in the game so far are much more subtle and muted than my other favorite N64 games.  It feels like you’re playing a movie or novel rather than playing a video game.

One of the biggest cons of the game so far hasn’t been with the game itself, but playing it on the Virtual Console and using the classic controller, which is missing the C buttons that are used to hold extra weapons and talk to Navi.  I finally figured out that the left thumbstick is used instead and once I got the hang of it I was fine, though it took nearly an hour to figure it out, lol.   I’m getting into the swing of the game now though, and so far I’m very pleased with it.


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