Look what I found after 11 years!

Good night, sweet chick, and flights of angels sing thee to thy rest! (who knew you had to actually FEED it every day??)

As I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, I originally played Harvest Moon N64 back in about 2001, when I was around 10 years old.  The first time I played it I played co-op with my brother and sister (so our single chicken ended up in the animal grave yard due to negligence and we somehow made enemies of the entire town, but we had fun!).   A couple years later, I replayed the game myself again though I didn’t finish it all the way.

And a couple of years later, I played it again, and again didn’t finish it all the way…

And that happened on and off for the past 11 years.  Finally, I am now in my second spring and halfway through to finishing the game which I am determined to do.  But while looking through some old, old walk throughs on the web I found reference to…the Harvest Sprite’s house.

Now, I have played this game for years.  I thought I knew all of it’s secrets!  But I had never heard of nor seen a Harvest Sprite house.  The only Harvest Sprite I knew of in the game was the solitary Sprite that wanders around the cave behind the Carpenter’s house.  Intrigued, I went on a full on search, pressing A like a maniac at every wall, nook and cranny but to no avail.  I started to wonder if the person who wrote the walk through had gotten the N64 game mixed up with the PS1 game (as they are extremely similar) and I know for a fact there is a Harvest Sprite house in that game.  I googled “harvest moon n64 sprite house” images to see if I could find a screen shot of this mythical area.  And lo and behold!

The image was definitely from the N64 game, which meant that there HAD to be this room somewhere in my game!

So with renewed vigor I once again went through…google (because I hadn’t been able to find ANYTHING in my game and was getting frustrated) and I found somebody mention in another walk through that the entrance to the Harvest Sprite house was somewhere in the cave where the Harvest Sprite I knew of always wandered.  Half an hour later I found out that if you press A against the wall next to this certain dark mark, you enter the house!  And yes, I am elated with my find, lol.  More so that even after having this game for a decade, I found something new about it.  That’s why these older games are so great; they always seem to have so much extra stuff hidden in their pixly graphics and seemingly straight forwards game play than the modern games do with their polished art and detailed strategy guides.

This isn’t, however, the fist new thing I’ve found in the Harvest Moon 64 game over the years.  After I played Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland (for PS2, the Harvest Moon game every one forgets existed), I became familiar with the Harvest Goddess who was a pivotal part of the plot for that game.  Curious, I went back to Harvest Moon: Back to Nature and Harvest Moon N64 and yep, both games had a suspiciously prominent pond.  A few farm-grown crops tossed in confirmed my haunch; both games had the Harvest Goddess character!  But without any direct guide to her, I had never thought to toss a crop into the pond which is what is needed to awaken her.

Besides the Harvest Goddess, there are plenty of other things in Harvest Moon N64 that are still new to me, especially the subplots with the brides and your rival for each one.  It was also only recently I learned that if you befriend the rivals, they too will get married and have children.  This provides a lot of new cut-scenes to hunt out.   In fact, I’m a little stunned at how much extra interaction there is between the game’s characters.  Since starting the game a few weeks ago I’ve been working on befriending all the villagers and not just the bride I intend to marry which is my normal strategy.  My reward has been many new scenes, secrets, recipes and information about the characters and the game that I never knew existed!  While Harvest Moon: Back to Nature is probably always going to be my official favorite Harvest Moon game, the N64 version is currently ranking in at 2nd place now for all the amazing work, detail and enjoyable game play.


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