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Helloooo Fall!

It’s freezing right now, here in the good old sunshine state.  Meaning it got down to the 40s last night and the dogs are refusing to go outside, lol.

It’s been ‘one of those’ weeks for me, what with Halloween, a horrible head cold and Hurricane Sandy bearing down on the north east and giving me an ulcer worrying about the BF and his family who live up there (thankfully they’re fine as the storm didn’t go up to where they live but my thoughts and prayers for everyone who did get pounded by the storm).  In fact, it hasn’t just been ‘one of those’ weeks; it’s been ‘one of those’ past few months, you know what I mean? Since last May I gained 30 pounds, mostly due to family stuff and my dog passing away.  I also started going to a new dermatologist (aka Doc Cold-Hands) who I don’t really care for.  Plus overtime at work (it’s a good/bad thing I guess) and all sorts of things.  So yeah, I haven’t had time or energy for doing much lately.

I’m trying to get myself back into a good scheduled and mindset.  I’ve been taking some positive steps with getting my weight under control again which helps a lot.  I’m also trying to get back into doing more ‘fun’ things that give my OCD something to feed happily on – meaning more Harvest Moon! I haven’t played in a while but I powered up the N64 the other night and went at it.  Amazing how well Harvest Moon works to get me into a happy place.  The nicer weather here is also a huge help because it’s rarely chilly here in Florida, and when it is, it always signals the start of the holidays, and I am a Big Holiday Person (yes, capitalized!).

So on the art front I have a list (literally, I have a list on my craft table) of projects I want to make/am halfway through making.  It’s such a long list it’s actually daunting.  I want to start working at it though, maybe I’ll try to do one new project every week or two.  That’s easy to handle and gives me a nice goal.  I really want to make a Princess Leia doll – I already have the fabric for it – so that might be the first thing I tackle.  If so Ill try to get it finished and a pattern and instructions up for it soon, it would make a great Christmas gift for a little geek girl, no?


Go Figure Comics


The above comic was done by the talented sister of my BF, who recently started her own webcomic blog (with a little coding help from moi). She’s a great artist with a unique style so check out her blog and stay tuned! :)

Updates :)

Haven’t posted in a while as I’ve been busy with a new blog I’m co-authering called The Manga Outpost.  So go check it out already :D

Also been busy sewing my Halloween costume.  This year I’m going as a lady pirate and my family is going to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party.  Here’s my rough draft of the costume design:

The blouse is now done and I’m starting the skirt and capelette next.  The pants and waist cinch are going to be premade.

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