I saw The Hobbit yesterday

That just about sums it up…

To be honest, I wasn’t super excited about seeing it (my brothers were ecstatic though) as I’m not a ‘huge’ LOTR fan.  I think it’s a gorgeous movie saga with impressive quality and good plot and overall just excellent, but…it’s a bit too violent for me.  I don’t mind watching it but I wince a lot, LOL.

The Hobbit got some riff for being not as dramatic and not following the plot of the book exactly.  Well they’re making it into THREE movies, how do you follow the plot of ONE book exactly to do that?  And if my sources are correct (aka the LOTR fan in my life), the things that were added to the movies were taken from other Middle Earth works that Tolkien did.  So it’s accurate to the world it’s based in, if not exactly the book.  And frankly, I loved the movie (still a bit violent in some places but nothing like the LOTR movies).  I think I’m going to enjoy The Hobbit saga more than the Lord of the Rings.  It was funnier and more whimsical which I liked a lot, but at the same time had a fantastic setting and plot.

And actually, I think the hottest dwarf was Kili.


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