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Every Star War’s fan’s thoughts on Disney owning Star Wars

I nearly choked on my drink from laughing.  This is gold.

Also, turning the Epcot ‘ball’ (which is actually called Spaceship Earth, FYI) into the Death Star is an epic idea.


Huge collection of Disney Clipart (including 90s TV favorites!!)

While searching around for graphics for a current project I found  It’s stuffed to the brim of free-for-non-commercial-use Disney clipart, not only of Disney princesses and Mickey and the gang, but also of pretty much EVERY Disney movie ever made.  And the 90s TV shows, people! Stuff like:


Tailspin is probably one of the most looked-over old Disney shows, but it was pretty clever to turn the Jungle Book characters into their own show!


Sad that a lot of kids today have no idea who Uncle Scrooge is.

Anyone else remember the Darkwing Duck Stage show that was in the Magic Kingdom in the mid 90s??

Anyone else remember the Darkwing Duck Stage show that was in the Magic Kingdom in the mid 90s??


This was a great show…looking back I realize how dark and serious it was, it wasn’t really a normal kids show but boy, it was good.


Chip is still one of my favorite cool guys!



Valentine’s Day is coming…

Get ready ;)

Disney and Star Wars

I saw The Hobbit yesterday

That just about sums it up…

To be honest, I wasn’t super excited about seeing it (my brothers were ecstatic though) as I’m not a ‘huge’ LOTR fan.  I think it’s a gorgeous movie saga with impressive quality and good plot and overall just excellent, but…it’s a bit too violent for me.  I don’t mind watching it but I wince a lot, LOL.

The Hobbit got some riff for being not as dramatic and not following the plot of the book exactly.  Well they’re making it into THREE movies, how do you follow the plot of ONE book exactly to do that?  And if my sources are correct (aka the LOTR fan in my life), the things that were added to the movies were taken from other Middle Earth works that Tolkien did.  So it’s accurate to the world it’s based in, if not exactly the book.  And frankly, I loved the movie (still a bit violent in some places but nothing like the LOTR movies).  I think I’m going to enjoy The Hobbit saga more than the Lord of the Rings.  It was funnier and more whimsical which I liked a lot, but at the same time had a fantastic setting and plot.

And actually, I think the hottest dwarf was Kili.

Awww Pokemon <3

The Chronological Superman


I just found a great blog, The Chronological Superman on tumblr.  It describes itself as “Chronicling every appearance of Superman- from comic to newspaper, cartoon to film, and more – in the order it happened.”  It’s very interesting! It talks about all the appearances of Superman (duh) which is pretty cool and a great way to waste your day away :)

On a totally unrelated note, my BF and I recently had a disagreement on who would make a better husband: Superman or Batman.  I say Superman with all his honest-loyal-brave-and true boyscout-ness would make a fantastic husband.  He says Batman is better.

Batman has issues, honey.

Besides, what does a guy know about what makes good husband anyway? Just be quite and put the cape on, dear ;)


Mythbusters + Star Wars

*dies of nerdy overload*

Star Trek “Call Me Maybe”

Remember the Star Wars version I posted a while back? Yeah, this is for the other side ;)

Wonder Woman Sings!

A couple years back I watched the first season of 1975 live-action Wonder Woman show (at the time I shared TV time with my younger brothers, so the show was removed from our netflix queue after the first season due to a lack of interest from them.  They were younger then, they would probably be more interested in it now, lol).  I LOVE Lynda Carter! She is one of the most beautiful actresses to grace the sliver screen in my opinion.  I also think she played the perfect Wonder Woman; confidant, feminine, charismatic and strong.  Wonder Woman has been one of my favorite DC characters since (am I the only one who likes the WonderWoman + Batman pairing?).  I originally meant this post to be about Wonder Woman art, but the google search returned too much on Ms. Carter and I got distracted, lol.

And guess what? Lynda Carter sings!!

*fangirl squee*

I think it’s about time I finished the rest of the show :)


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