So apparently Ford, Hamill and Fisher are all coming back for Star Wars VII

That movie is going to have the biggest opening week EVER.

Personally, I’m excited that they are all coming back to reprise their roles.  At the same time, I’m hesitant to see aged versions of their characters, especially as it could all go wrong, you know what I mean? It has to be handled just right or else.

Here’s hoping it will be as epic as it’s starting to sound!


How To Recolor Sprites in Gimp (A Very Simple Guide)

Ever wanted to change the color of a sprite character’s outfit, their eyes or  their hair? It’s very easy and simple to do using an art program (such as Gimp which is free) and even beginners can make nice color changes!  Follow along as I turn Elli’s dress from blue to pink:

1: Open up your sprite in Gimp and zoom in about 800%.  You want the sprite large enough that you can easily see the pixels.

2: Using the Select By Color Tool (it looks like a hand pointing to a bar colored blue, red and yellow and is generally in the top right hand corner of your toolbox) select the lightest color of the object you want to change.  It’s important to start with the lightest color as you can then easily darken the color bit by bit for the shading.

3: Using the Paintbucket tool, fill the selected areas in with the color of your choice.  You can quickly fill in all the areas by holding down Shift while selecting one of the highlighted areas – this will automatically fill them all.  While this is a great time saver, sometimes you will have to select each area individually if the color is used in other areas you want to leave as-is.

4: Using the Select by Color tool, select the next darkest area of the object you’re changing.  Then, using the color selector, pick a color that is darker than your original color.  Make sure it’s the equivalent darkness to the shade you are replacing – if it’s too light or too dark, it will look odd.

5: Repeat the process to fill in all the remaining shades until you have completely replaced the old color scheme with your new one.  The most important thing to remember is to match the shades that you’re replacing, otherwise the shape and shading will look off.

6: Zoom back to normal magnification and see how your sprite looks now.

7: There, she’s looking pretty good! Now I’m going to quickly repeat that whole process to change her bow to a more fitting color to match her dress:

8: Now let’s compare our original Elli next to her new version:

And there you have it! You can use this method to change any color on a sprite, but be aware that the more colors you are replacing, the more attention you have to pay to replacing the shades exactly.  Hair is one of the most difficult things to change because there is generally so many shades to replace and often the color of the hair is used elsewhere on the character, meaning you have to be careful exactly what you replace.  Elli has the same brown color of her hair outlining her face – changing her hair would be quite a project.  The easiest color to change is one that isn’t used elsewhere on the character – for example, Nami:

Her red hair is easy to change because the colors don’t blend into her face or outfit.  So it’s easy to make her, say, a blonde (with purple eyes, no less!):

Finally, remember to save your work often!  If you successfully change the color of a character’s shirt, save your work before you try to tackle another object.  That way if you mess up, you won’t have lost all your recoloring work.

Happy Valentines Day!


Valentine’s Day is coming…

Get ready ;)

Busy New Years…

So I’ve been crazy busy lately, hence no posts.  There’s been a family crisis (grandmother had a stroke) which has totally thrown off everything, PLUS I’m part of a mission team going to Haiti this July (I’m going to be doing crafts with the kids at an orphanage for a VBS there) and I somehow became second in command of organizing the group, our fundraisers, making us a facebook page, etc.  PLUS I’ve been trying to learn all the new HTML5 elements, update my coding knowledge (which is circa 2008), play two Harvest Moon games at the same time (A New Beginning and Back to Nature)  PLUS keep up my Harvest Moon blogs (yes, plural, I run two) and work on a text-based online RP game that I was hoping to have done already.  And I’ve started walking roughly 6 – 9 miles per day.  Yes, per day.  I’ve lost nearly 10 pounds since new years :)

So I’m sorry about being inactive here on the blog.  I’ll get myself sorted out soon! :>

Disney and Star Wars

So I got a skin for my 3DS

Remember that red 3DS my boyfriend got me for Christmas?




You can just see the reflection of my Hello Kitty iphone case in the screen…




Merry Geeky Christmas!


Annnnnnd that’s my geeky Christmas contribution :) Just a Christmas tree ball I painted up a bit to make R2D2. Didn’t come out great though as I didn’t use the right type of paint.

That’s it for me until after Christmas. May you all have a nice holiday :)

I saw The Hobbit yesterday

That just about sums it up…

To be honest, I wasn’t super excited about seeing it (my brothers were ecstatic though) as I’m not a ‘huge’ LOTR fan.  I think it’s a gorgeous movie saga with impressive quality and good plot and overall just excellent, but…it’s a bit too violent for me.  I don’t mind watching it but I wince a lot, LOL.

The Hobbit got some riff for being not as dramatic and not following the plot of the book exactly.  Well they’re making it into THREE movies, how do you follow the plot of ONE book exactly to do that?  And if my sources are correct (aka the LOTR fan in my life), the things that were added to the movies were taken from other Middle Earth works that Tolkien did.  So it’s accurate to the world it’s based in, if not exactly the book.  And frankly, I loved the movie (still a bit violent in some places but nothing like the LOTR movies).  I think I’m going to enjoy The Hobbit saga more than the Lord of the Rings.  It was funnier and more whimsical which I liked a lot, but at the same time had a fantastic setting and plot.

And actually, I think the hottest dwarf was Kili.

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