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The Costumes of Star Wars (plus a fantastic website and a book I MUST have!)

I’m a major Star Wars fan, and as someone with a great interest in costume design I love studying the clothing in the movies.  I love behind the scenes extras ;) As a budding cosplayer, one of my goals is to eventually replicate every outfit worn by Princess Leia in the movies.  Including the bounty hunter disguise, lol.  While browsing around the web I was excited to stumble upon Fit for a Queen, a website dedicated to the Star Wars costumes!  While it’s main focus is the numerous and elaborate outfits worn by Padme, it also includes all the handmaidens costumes, as well as Leia’s and just about every other Star Wars character.  And not just pictures, but promotional pictures, concept art, movie stills, detail shots and behind the scenes for each outfit!  It’s wonderful!! :D  There are close up pictures of fabric swatches, information about how the clothes were made, where they were made, who made them and more!

And the site also had information about a book I’ve heard a bit about before – Dressing a Galaxy: The Costumes of Star Wars by Trisha Biggar.  This huge collector set includes 14 ‘booklets’ on everything from hairstyles to the Jedi council, royalty, military, senators, Rogues gallery, jewelery, footwear, Darth Vader and more! If that wasn’t enough it also includes a DVD, a replica Wookie Belt Buckle and FABRIC SWATCHES!!  Actual fabric swatches from the same material used in the prequels!  So it’s almost $300 for the book, but if I had that money I would so have the book already, lol.  Just another thing to add to the list of things I have to get, though this one is definitely going at the top ;)


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