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Every Star War’s fan’s thoughts on Disney owning Star Wars

I nearly choked on my drink from laughing.  This is gold.

Also, turning the Epcot ‘ball’ (which is actually called Spaceship Earth, FYI) into the Death Star is an epic idea.


What we all do…


Yeah, this is pretty accurate

And hilarious, lol.

A gamer’s best friend…

This reminds me of somebody I know…

Awww Pokemon <3

Stars make you invincible!

Luigi scores?? 0.0

Luigi scores?? 0.0

Cat Comics I doodled

Earlier this year I doodled up some rough comics based around one of my family’s cats, our big, fluffy Maine Coon named Rockey.  I found them while organizing files today and thought I’d post ’em up.  The black cat that also appears in the second comic is Winkey, our very sleek girl cat.  She and Rockey hate each other with a vengeance.

Chubbs The Pug: making us explode with squee

Remember a while back I posted a video of a “Wampug”? Turns out the rolly little girl is named Chubbs, and that video launched her into internet stardom!  You can even visit the little butterball on her own facebook page.

Yes, I am now a fan.  I mean after all: cute dog + Star Wars = total win.

And here’s Chubbs latest coseplay:

Go Figure Comics


The above comic was done by the talented sister of my BF, who recently started her own webcomic blog (with a little coding help from moi). She’s a great artist with a unique style so check out her blog and stay tuned! :)

Well Played, Men. Well Played.

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