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Too many DS games and never enough time

Yup, this is the DS I have - originally bought for me as a Christmas gift from my siblings :)

Everyday, I carry around a rather large tote bag in place of a regular purse to work.  Mainly because all my junk won’t fit into anything but a big (custom sewn by moi) tote.  And everyday, back and forth, I drag along my DS and game case.  The last time I played it? About two months ago.  I don’t know why I keep bringing it back and forth – visions of somehow being stranded on a deserted island and finally having hours upon hours to waste with my pearl-pink Nintendogs special edition first gen DS have floated through my mind on more than one occasion.  But until that happens, I’ll just keep playing my games in small patches with months in between powering it up.  The problem is not only that I don’t have enough time, but that there are too many games!  It would be easier to make time if I just had one game I wanted to finish; but no, there are at least half a dozen I’m working on, and more on my must-play list.  How do you make time for all that? Playing the games for fun actually starts to become work, lol.

Games on my need-to-finish list include Lost in Blue 2 (I’m like, literally one cutscene away from finishing it though), Pokemon Diamond, Professer Layton and the Diabolical Box, Trauma Center Under the Knife, Harvest Moon a Tale of Two Towns and The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass (Oh wow, there really were exactly half a dozen, lol).  All these games have at least several hours each already clocked in.  I’m 3/4s done with Professer Layton so that may be the one I tackle next after Lost in Blue, but I really want to spend more time on Harvest Moon a Tale of Two Towns – I’ve hardly even started it, and it’s the best Harvest Moon game for a hand held yet.

And then there are plenty of more games that I’ve only ‘tried out’ so far, such as Lost in Blue 3, Sims 2, Elite Beat Agents, ScribbleNauts, and games I haven’t even put in my DS yet such as Mario and Luigi Partners in Time, Professor Layton: Unwound Future, Magical Star Sign, and Super Mario DS.

These are only the games I actually have, I have an entire wish list of more games I want to get!  I have a tendency to get DS games more than any other type of game (Though I do play quite a bit of Wii and PC games).  I don’t know why, maybe because they’re just so small and convenient but just as entertaining as games for larger consoles.  I buy DS games like regular girls by shoes, lol.

And let’s not even get started on the PC and Wii games I have building up…

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