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Ministry projects and possibly moving to Blogger

I’ve been very busy lately, sewing dolls for children in a Haiti orphanage that I’ll be visiting on a missions trip this July.  I also start Bible collage this August, so have been prepping for that.

In light of how much busier I’ll be soon, I’m thinking of moving this blog to Blogger, and combining it with my Harvest Moon blog so I have less blogs to switch between. I like Blogger better than WordPress for several reasons, mostly it’s ease of customization and ability to do your own adds and such. WordPress is good for webstite-type blogs but I’d rather switch to Blogger for this blog.  I’m not sure how long it will take to move (if I can even move my blog files from WordPress to Blogger) but when the new blog is up, I’ll post a link here :)


Coolest Barbie doll you’ll see today

Does this look like the next big player in the Star Wars universe or what? Mattel really outdid themselves with this one, she is one of the most gorgeous (and unique!) Barbie dolls I’ve seen. I already have about 80 dolls in my Barbie collection but this one is going on my wish list for sure!

Happy May the 4th!

Happy Star Wars Day everyone!! While I’m not doing much to celebrate this year, I thought I’d share some ways to Star-Wars-ify your day.  Here’s some great stuff:

Celebration ideas, and more celebration ideas, straight from the official Star Wars Website.  Check out that severed wampa arm cake!

Speaking of the official Star Wars site, check out all the cool fun stuff they have – free online games, printables, recipes and more to add a little Star Wars to your day.

And before you do anything else, you need to make sure to send some Star Wars e-cards to all your friends to let them know you remember them on this momentous day.

And of course, has hundreds of recipes, crafts, costume ideas and more Star Wars themed how-tos sure to help you plan a perfect party or project.

Download a FREE episode of the animated show Star Wars: Clone Wars! Episode 16 of season 5 is free for download.

If you’re looking for some new reading material, Amazon is having a special on a lot of kindle editions of Star Wars books, many being marked down to $1.99 – including the The Jedi Path: A Manual for Students of the Force and The Thrawn Trilogy: Heir to the Empire, book 1 (this is the first real Star Wars novel series ever written, it’s very good and a classic!).

And when all else fails, just pop in A New Hope, grab a glass of blue milk and enjoy what the day is really all about.

Happy Star Wars Day everyone!

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