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Annnnnnnd…LucasArts is gone

Disney Shuts Down LucasArts, Cancels Star Wars 1313 And Star Wars: First Assault

I found out about this last night through my BF (he normally is coming to ME for Star Wars updates as he’s more of a Trekkie, but as he’s studying to become a video game designer he always beats me to anything video-game related). I’m pretty surprised and not sure I’m happy with this turn of events. While I haven’t played any LucasArts games in a while (I don’t play a lot of Star Wars games actually…) I have played and enjoyed their games in the past. I don’t really see why Disney chose to close LucasArts down – though I suppose it was being phased out in recent years anyway with other publishers working on the Star Wars games. Still, firing 150 people and shutting the whole company down? Couldn’t they have assimilated LucasArts into some other company?

I don’t know much about the technical goings on of running the company or making the games so I can’t say much, just that I’m going to miss that logo.


Every Star War’s fan’s thoughts on Disney owning Star Wars

I nearly choked on my drink from laughing.  This is gold.

Also, turning the Epcot ‘ball’ (which is actually called Spaceship Earth, FYI) into the Death Star is an epic idea.

Huge collection of Disney Clipart (including 90s TV favorites!!)

While searching around for graphics for a current project I found  It’s stuffed to the brim of free-for-non-commercial-use Disney clipart, not only of Disney princesses and Mickey and the gang, but also of pretty much EVERY Disney movie ever made.  And the 90s TV shows, people! Stuff like:


Tailspin is probably one of the most looked-over old Disney shows, but it was pretty clever to turn the Jungle Book characters into their own show!


Sad that a lot of kids today have no idea who Uncle Scrooge is.

Anyone else remember the Darkwing Duck Stage show that was in the Magic Kingdom in the mid 90s??

Anyone else remember the Darkwing Duck Stage show that was in the Magic Kingdom in the mid 90s??


This was a great show…looking back I realize how dark and serious it was, it wasn’t really a normal kids show but boy, it was good.


Chip is still one of my favorite cool guys!



Another reason why Wreck It Ralph is one of my favorite movies of all time

Apparently, the racer Minty Zaki is named for Japanese animator Hayao Miyazaki


Also, what kind of name is Flugpucker??

Disney and Star Wars


Excuse the caps in the title but I need to get some shouting out of my system lol.  I found out about the sale of Lucasfilm to Disney a bit late (last Tuesday night around 8 when I finally bothered to check my Facebook – I’ve had a cold and spent most of this week asleep).  Yesterday I found out that they are planning on making Star Wars episodes 7, 8 and 9.

And all over the world Star Wars fans freak.

Will they be good? Will they be bad? They can’t really be worse than the prequels, can they? Will Luke, Lea and Han be in them? If so who are going to play them? Who’s going to play Jaina, Jacen and Anakin Solo? Who’s going to play Mara Skywalker?  Who’s going to be the antagonist with the Empire supposedly destroyed?

At the moment I’m torn between never wanting to see these movies made and totally excited that they’re going to make them.  I mean, they could be GREAT.  But they could also be like the prequels.  Which, weren’t horrible and I don’t feel like the prequels took anything away from the franchise, but come on, Anakin was a whiny little b*tch and there was so much CGI it was nauseating.


On the subject of Disney now owning Lucasfilm, I’m still not sure how I feel about it.  I suppose if anyone had to take it over I’d want it to be Disney.  Disney has been working with Lucasfilm for ages, as is evident if you go to the Disney parks (I’ve been on the Star Wars ride “Star Tours” at Disney’s Hollywood Studios many times and a piggy bank that looks like Mickey and Minnie dressed up as Luke and Leia graces my bedroom shelf) so I’m not going to say that Lucasfilm becoming part of Disney is making it impure or ruining it.  Disney is a entertainment power house.  They have the money and resources to really keep the Star Wars franchise shining.  And I’m going to hope that they learned from the public’s unhappiness with George Lucas changing stuff every other month and what did and didn’t work with the prequels.  I suppose in the end my stance is that they can’t do anything worse than has already been done to it, and there is the possibility that they could really do great stuff with it.

But if Princess Leia joins the Disney Princess lineup I’m going to be a very unhappy girl, lol.  I love the Disney Princess stuff (pink, cute, sparkly…) but Leia is in a totally different category from Snow White, let’s not have her dancing around singing songs about prince charming, okay?

The world is watching you, Disney.  Don’t disappoint us.

And now for your enjoyment, Teh Interweb’s thoughts on the buy:

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