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Random Star Wars fact…

Remember this guy from the original Star Wars movies?

Denis Lawson as Wedge Antilles in Return of the Jedi

Guess who his nephew is?

Ewan McGregor as Obi-Wan-Kenobi

Mind = Blown.

Eventually I’ll post about something other than Star Wars I promise.






Excuse the caps in the title but I need to get some shouting out of my system lol.  I found out about the sale of Lucasfilm to Disney a bit late (last Tuesday night around 8 when I finally bothered to check my Facebook – I’ve had a cold and spent most of this week asleep).  Yesterday I found out that they are planning on making Star Wars episodes 7, 8 and 9.

And all over the world Star Wars fans freak.

Will they be good? Will they be bad? They can’t really be worse than the prequels, can they? Will Luke, Lea and Han be in them? If so who are going to play them? Who’s going to play Jaina, Jacen and Anakin Solo? Who’s going to play Mara Skywalker?  Who’s going to be the antagonist with the Empire supposedly destroyed?

At the moment I’m torn between never wanting to see these movies made and totally excited that they’re going to make them.  I mean, they could be GREAT.  But they could also be like the prequels.  Which, weren’t horrible and I don’t feel like the prequels took anything away from the franchise, but come on, Anakin was a whiny little b*tch and there was so much CGI it was nauseating.


On the subject of Disney now owning Lucasfilm, I’m still not sure how I feel about it.  I suppose if anyone had to take it over I’d want it to be Disney.  Disney has been working with Lucasfilm for ages, as is evident if you go to the Disney parks (I’ve been on the Star Wars ride “Star Tours” at Disney’s Hollywood Studios many times and a piggy bank that looks like Mickey and Minnie dressed up as Luke and Leia graces my bedroom shelf) so I’m not going to say that Lucasfilm becoming part of Disney is making it impure or ruining it.  Disney is a entertainment power house.  They have the money and resources to really keep the Star Wars franchise shining.  And I’m going to hope that they learned from the public’s unhappiness with George Lucas changing stuff every other month and what did and didn’t work with the prequels.  I suppose in the end my stance is that they can’t do anything worse than has already been done to it, and there is the possibility that they could really do great stuff with it.

But if Princess Leia joins the Disney Princess lineup I’m going to be a very unhappy girl, lol.  I love the Disney Princess stuff (pink, cute, sparkly…) but Leia is in a totally different category from Snow White, let’s not have her dancing around singing songs about prince charming, okay?

The world is watching you, Disney.  Don’t disappoint us.

And now for your enjoyment, Teh Interweb’s thoughts on the buy:

Summer Wars: an epic movie

After having been told (a few hundred times) how great this movie was by my boyfriend, we finally managed to watch it together last night.  I’ve seen quite a few anime-esque movies before, namely those by Studio Ghibli or the movie versions of fav animes (like Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles: The Movie).  This was however the first feature-length movie I’ve watched with subs instead of dubs.  While I like to think I’ve been watching anime longer than my BF (I started when in 2004), I’ve watched most of those with dubs.  I like dubs.  He meanwhile is a sub snob and insisted we watch the movie in such.

(Actually he kind of led me to believe the movie was only in subs, than after we finished it lo and behold he tells me it’s available with dubs off Netflix and I’ve also found it Amazonfor $15. Love you honey <3 )

Anyway, back to the movie.  The setting and plot of the movie itself is actually pretty unique even for the typical Japanese movie.  The story revolves around a game named The World of Oz which is basically a virtual world where people spend as much of their time as they do in the real world, and control things such as their bank accounts, alarm systems, communication, shopping etc through Oz.  The hero is a math-minded, rather nerdy high school boy named Kenji Koiso who is tricked into coming to the family home of his beautiful and popular senpai and posing as her boyfriend.  Her family is large, slightly crazy and descended from the powerful samurai and ruled over by an even more powerful (yet lovable) grandmother.   When a rogue A.I starts taking over Oz and causing problems that affect the real world, Kenji and his friends, along with the crazy family, start planning a virtual war in order to save the real world before the A.I can destroy it.

While this was obviously a sci-fi thriller, it wasn’t set in a space-age setting.  In fact, the setting was an old Japanese mansion complete with all the rice paper walls and gardens.  Seeing the characters set up high-speed computers in the middle of the ancient Japanese finery was humorous and gave the whole movie a very unique feel.   The characters themselves felt very real without all the extra abnormal powers most anime characters get, which led to a very empathetic story.  They were normal people, even Kenji though he was supposed to be a math genius.   The World of Oz was very creative and seemed like a real possibility for an online world, adding a bit more to the realism of the movie’s concept.

Here’s the trailer in English:

Yeah yeah…I post too much Star Wars stuff!

Another one of those ‘omg that’s amazingly epic!!’ video of a Star Wars “Call Me Maybe” mash up.  All six movies are represented with a nice beat and plenty of face time for all the best characters.

I can only say…it’s epic.

Crocheted Yoda Amigurumi

“Do, or do not. There is no try.”

So here’s my latest crochet project – a little master Yoda!  The majority of this little guy was constructed while watching Back to the Future: Part Two so the geek levels on this one are high ;)

"Size matters not. Look at me. Judge me by my size, do you?"

I made the body using sage green cotton yarn and this pattern.  The ears and arms I made free-style.

"You must unlearn what you have learned."

The under shirt and robe were made from brown and cream acrylic yarn to provide a slight texture difference, I liked how it looked a little more rough than the body.

"When nine hundred years old you reach, look as good, you will not."

The Costumes of Star Wars (plus a fantastic website and a book I MUST have!)

I’m a major Star Wars fan, and as someone with a great interest in costume design I love studying the clothing in the movies.  I love behind the scenes extras ;) As a budding cosplayer, one of my goals is to eventually replicate every outfit worn by Princess Leia in the movies.  Including the bounty hunter disguise, lol.  While browsing around the web I was excited to stumble upon Fit for a Queen, a website dedicated to the Star Wars costumes!  While it’s main focus is the numerous and elaborate outfits worn by Padme, it also includes all the handmaidens costumes, as well as Leia’s and just about every other Star Wars character.  And not just pictures, but promotional pictures, concept art, movie stills, detail shots and behind the scenes for each outfit!  It’s wonderful!! :D  There are close up pictures of fabric swatches, information about how the clothes were made, where they were made, who made them and more!

And the site also had information about a book I’ve heard a bit about before – Dressing a Galaxy: The Costumes of Star Wars by Trisha Biggar.  This huge collector set includes 14 ‘booklets’ on everything from hairstyles to the Jedi council, royalty, military, senators, Rogues gallery, jewelery, footwear, Darth Vader and more! If that wasn’t enough it also includes a DVD, a replica Wookie Belt Buckle and FABRIC SWATCHES!!  Actual fabric swatches from the same material used in the prequels!  So it’s almost $300 for the book, but if I had that money I would so have the book already, lol.  Just another thing to add to the list of things I have to get, though this one is definitely going at the top ;)


Morning Musume performing Roger and Hamerstiens Cinderella

To those of you who don’t know, Roger and Hamerstien are AWSOME.  As a musical/broadway geek, I love their stuff.  My singing teacher told me about the version of Cinderella they did, so I looked it up (the version with Julie Andrews) and watched it today – sooo cute and charming! And while looking around I found that Takarazuka, an all-female Japanese theater company, joined up with Morning Mesume, an all-girl Japanese pop band, to make their own version of the musical.  All the characters are performed by girls (as is common in Japanese ‘all-female-theater-companies’…duh) and the actors are really very good.  It’s subbed so you can watch it even if you don’t understand Japanese.  As someone interested in Theater Arts for a career I have to give this a high rating for beautiful costume design and cute actors ^.^

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