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Ministry projects and possibly moving to Blogger

I’ve been very busy lately, sewing dolls for children in a Haiti orphanage that I’ll be visiting on a missions trip this July.  I also start Bible collage this August, so have been prepping for that.

In light of how much busier I’ll be soon, I’m thinking of moving this blog to Blogger, and combining it with my Harvest Moon blog so I have less blogs to switch between. I like Blogger better than WordPress for several reasons, mostly it’s ease of customization and ability to do your own adds and such. WordPress is good for webstite-type blogs but I’d rather switch to Blogger for this blog.  I’m not sure how long it will take to move (if I can even move my blog files from WordPress to Blogger) but when the new blog is up, I’ll post a link here :)


Annnnnnnd…LucasArts is gone

Disney Shuts Down LucasArts, Cancels Star Wars 1313 And Star Wars: First Assault

I found out about this last night through my BF (he normally is coming to ME for Star Wars updates as he’s more of a Trekkie, but as he’s studying to become a video game designer he always beats me to anything video-game related). I’m pretty surprised and not sure I’m happy with this turn of events. While I haven’t played any LucasArts games in a while (I don’t play a lot of Star Wars games actually…) I have played and enjoyed their games in the past. I don’t really see why Disney chose to close LucasArts down – though I suppose it was being phased out in recent years anyway with other publishers working on the Star Wars games. Still, firing 150 people and shutting the whole company down? Couldn’t they have assimilated LucasArts into some other company?

I don’t know much about the technical goings on of running the company or making the games so I can’t say much, just that I’m going to miss that logo.

Busy New Years…

So I’ve been crazy busy lately, hence no posts.  There’s been a family crisis (grandmother had a stroke) which has totally thrown off everything, PLUS I’m part of a mission team going to Haiti this July (I’m going to be doing crafts with the kids at an orphanage for a VBS there) and I somehow became second in command of organizing the group, our fundraisers, making us a facebook page, etc.  PLUS I’ve been trying to learn all the new HTML5 elements, update my coding knowledge (which is circa 2008), play two Harvest Moon games at the same time (A New Beginning and Back to Nature)  PLUS keep up my Harvest Moon blogs (yes, plural, I run two) and work on a text-based online RP game that I was hoping to have done already.  And I’ve started walking roughly 6 – 9 miles per day.  Yes, per day.  I’ve lost nearly 10 pounds since new years :)

So I’m sorry about being inactive here on the blog.  I’ll get myself sorted out soon! :>


Merry Geeky Christmas!


Annnnnnd that’s my geeky Christmas contribution :) Just a Christmas tree ball I painted up a bit to make R2D2. Didn’t come out great though as I didn’t use the right type of paint.

That’s it for me until after Christmas. May you all have a nice holiday :)

Helloooo Fall!

It’s freezing right now, here in the good old sunshine state.  Meaning it got down to the 40s last night and the dogs are refusing to go outside, lol.

It’s been ‘one of those’ weeks for me, what with Halloween, a horrible head cold and Hurricane Sandy bearing down on the north east and giving me an ulcer worrying about the BF and his family who live up there (thankfully they’re fine as the storm didn’t go up to where they live but my thoughts and prayers for everyone who did get pounded by the storm).  In fact, it hasn’t just been ‘one of those’ weeks; it’s been ‘one of those’ past few months, you know what I mean? Since last May I gained 30 pounds, mostly due to family stuff and my dog passing away.  I also started going to a new dermatologist (aka Doc Cold-Hands) who I don’t really care for.  Plus overtime at work (it’s a good/bad thing I guess) and all sorts of things.  So yeah, I haven’t had time or energy for doing much lately.

I’m trying to get myself back into a good scheduled and mindset.  I’ve been taking some positive steps with getting my weight under control again which helps a lot.  I’m also trying to get back into doing more ‘fun’ things that give my OCD something to feed happily on – meaning more Harvest Moon! I haven’t played in a while but I powered up the N64 the other night and went at it.  Amazing how well Harvest Moon works to get me into a happy place.  The nicer weather here is also a huge help because it’s rarely chilly here in Florida, and when it is, it always signals the start of the holidays, and I am a Big Holiday Person (yes, capitalized!).

So on the art front I have a list (literally, I have a list on my craft table) of projects I want to make/am halfway through making.  It’s such a long list it’s actually daunting.  I want to start working at it though, maybe I’ll try to do one new project every week or two.  That’s easy to handle and gives me a nice goal.  I really want to make a Princess Leia doll – I already have the fabric for it – so that might be the first thing I tackle.  If so Ill try to get it finished and a pattern and instructions up for it soon, it would make a great Christmas gift for a little geek girl, no?

Updates :)

Haven’t posted in a while as I’ve been busy with a new blog I’m co-authering called The Manga Outpost.  So go check it out already :D

Also been busy sewing my Halloween costume.  This year I’m going as a lady pirate and my family is going to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party.  Here’s my rough draft of the costume design:

The blouse is now done and I’m starting the skirt and capelette next.  The pants and waist cinch are going to be premade.

Sewing project, busy month, happy gluten-free birthday to me!

So, my latest craft project is a Princess Leia hooded tank top, which you can find on  No, not posting pictures of it here because I’m modeling it – I don’t care to post pictures of myself in more than one place if I can help it!  I’ve entered it in the instructables Fashion contest as well, so take a look at all the entries and place some votes *hint hint*

I’m also currently working on a Gameboy Advance amigurimi!  I’ve got most of it done, just need to do the detail and felt work.  I’ll hopefully get that done within the week or so.  I just recently cleaned so now I have space to work on crafts again (the amount of just stuff I can accumulate is amazing).   Here’s a sneak peek of the gameboy advance:

I’ve got a lot coming up for me this July…my sister is getting married and coming to Florida to spend her honeymoon, so I’ll be spending some time with her and my new brother in law.  I’m also helping out with the VBS for the younger kids at my church, and my family is going to go on a 3 day getaway at a nearby state park where we are going to rent a cabin.   I’ll probably be putting more wear on my kindle next month than my crocheting hooks.

Today is also my 22nd birthday, and I feel very old :/  The family has already had a birthday celebration for me as last week I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease and had to cut out all gluten (so that very same day we had my birthday cake before I went on a gluten-free-for-the-rest-of-my-life plan).   Guess next year I’ll be making a gluten-free cake!



Happy Star Wars day my fellow geeks!  Today is the official day to celebrate all that is Star Wars, so in honor of the day I’ve changed up the header a bit – to Leia in her infamous Slave Outfit.

To get the day off right, check out’s news and info about all the special things taking place, from free e-cards to deals on fan gear to previews to events and challenges!   Seriously, check it out!

Also, Amazon is having some of their gold box deals on Star Wars goods today – in about 4 hours they’ll have a deal on the The Jedi Path: A Manual for Students of the Force (Vault Edition).  So keep your eyes peeled for that (no, I won’t be splurging on that today as I’m broke but I’m going to get it eventually, lol).

And if you have a member of the iPod family, the game Star Wars Pit Droids is available through May 6th for free! So hurry up and go grab that before it ends.

And finally, make sure you ‘like’ Star Wars on facebook for updates and more info!

Random things that I think are amazing and make me happy :)

Just a random list of things I think are the best – in random order :D

The soundtrack to Harvest Moon: Back to Nature.  My favorite HM game (actually, my absolute favorite game of ALL TIME), hearing the sound track makes me absolutely fuzzy with happiness.

Han and Leia’s first kiss. I think Star Wars was my first real introduction to romance, and as such it has stuck with me over the years. Plus, Harrison Ford was just hot, and I’m not the type to fangirl over actors, lol.

The smell when you walk into a bookstore.  Do I need to explain this?

Finding a copy of an old game or book you loved from your childhood.  I found a new Zoo Tycoon Ultimate pack for like $5.  Does it get better?

Going to Disney World. I’m lucky to live in Florida and Disney World has been part of my life since childhood – and it’s still a magical place to go, only now I’m old enough to appreciate the hard work and dedication it takes to make that tiny corner of the world truly magical.

Thinking you just deleted your game file but finding out by some miracle you still have it.  I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s done this!

That moment when you add the chocolate chips to the cookie dough and it transforms from just cookie dough into epicness.
You know it’s true!  Adding the chips gives the dough like, 50+ magic points.

Solving a coding problem that I’ve been struggling with for days.  My family is used to hearing a sudden “YES!!” from my desk when I solve such problems, and the bouncing-in-desk-chair victory dance that ensues.

Finishing a really large crochet project.  I was crocheting before it was cool ;)

Settling down to play Harvest Moon with a cup of decaf no-sugar-cream-only coffee after a long day at work.  I have one of those jobs where I’m up and down and moving pretty much all day (plus I walk/jog six miles most mornings) so finally sitting on the couch to feed my virtual cows is bliss.

A multiplayer round of COD or Age of Empires with my family. Another family tradition that usually involves us making a dessert before hand to eat while we play (brownies topped with ice cream is a popular choice).

The soundtrack to Mickey’s Speedway USA for N64.  My siblings and I got our first video game console (an aqua blue Nintendo 64) for Christmas in 2000, and Santa had set it up so that when we came down the stairs the intro to Mickey’s Speedway USA was playing on the TV screen, with that catchy theme song flooding the house (and driving us crazy with curiosity as we waited at the top of the stairs for permission to come down and see our gifts).


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